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Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Great Corporate MOOC

Posted by Intrepid by VitalSource on October 25, 2018


You already know your content has to be good or learners will start snoring—if they're not logging off the learning experience entirely.

But what really matters for driving behavior change and business results is context. 

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Intrepid and INSEAD to Lead Digital Transformation Session at Learning Live

Posted by Intrepid by VitalSource on August 29, 2018

Joint Session Features Real-World Examples; Examines Learning & Development’s Role in Leading Digital Transformation at Scale

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What is "The Learner Experience"?

Posted by Intrepid by VitalSource on August 08, 2018

Intrepid’s GM, Sam Herring, was recently asked questions about “the learner experience” for a Training Industry podcast and it got an email ‘roundtable’ started amongst some of our colleagues. Here is the collective wisdom about the all-important learner experience. 

So Just What Does “Learner Experience” Mean?

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Some resources for learning about learning

Posted by Intrepid by VitalSource on August 07, 2018

The guest speakers in our recent Build Your Digital Learning Blueprint MOOC—all experts in their field and active senior learning leaders—shared a number of resources they think are the best things for instructional designers to be reading/watching, and here they are for you to peruse and learn from as well. Learning professionals are always learning about learning, and this list is a great place to look for new inspiration.

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Podcast about the Learner Experience with Sam Herring, Intrepid's GM

Posted by Intrepid by VitalSource on August 01, 2018


Intrepid's GM and founder Sam Herring was interviewed along with Dr Tom Tonkin of Cornerstone on Demand for Training Industry's podcast about "the learner experience". 

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Gamification Two Ways: A Look at Learner Motivation

Posted by Intrepid by VitalSource on November 29, 2016


Why do we gamify corporate learning? To motivate employees! But it’s easy to get lost in the buzz of gamification. Motivation is a living thing, and it changes by audience, by context, by goal. There’s no one way to motivate that works in every learning situation.

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