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Dispatches from Recent Learning Events

Posted by Intrepid Learning on May 03, 2018

Dispatches from Recent Learning Events

We’ve had our ear to the ground at several learning events in recent weeks, CLO Breakfasts and the like, and have heard some strong themes emerge out of conversations from learning leaders:

Shared Challenges

  • The frantic pace of digital disruption/transformation is hard to keep up with
  • On-the-job application is definitely needed more than eye-rolling fictitious scenario-based learning
  • The importance of marcoms to learners so they understand “What’s in it for me, why should I care?”
  • eLearning is outdated, with the inability to update quickly at odds with the pace of new information
  • If you cannot imagine living in your learners’ shoes, your learning program will likely fail
  • Ensuring that learning is solving a business problem
     vs. being ‘order takers’ producing training that will not move the needle for the business
  • Encouraging top-down involvement in learning programs
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Join us for a Mini-MOOC for Learning Executives!

Posted by Intrepid Learning on May 02, 2018

Imagine that you were able to foresee a train wreck happening in the future, and you were able to step in to avert it from happening. You'd be a hero.

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Introducing the Declaration of Modern Learner Rights

Posted by Intrepid Learning on January 20, 2017


This is not just another 'the modern learner is finicky and distracted’ compendium of statistics. (We admit we're already done of one of those). And it's not another ‘well, there are a gazillion solutions' listicle.

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Drive Employee Engagement with Digital Recognition

Posted by Intrepid Learning on November 03, 2015

This week we are pleased to share a guest blog post by Peter Janzow, Senior Business Development Manager for Acclaim.

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Three Brandon Hall Awards and Some Big Business Impact: Microsoft MOOC Update

Posted by Intrepid Learning on September 21, 2015

We were delighted to learn that our innovative work with Microsoft on their Sales Enablement MOOC program has been awarded three Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards, and thought we’d take this opportunity to update you on that initative’s progress and impact since we last talked about it during our webinar in March. (Which you can watch here if you missed it.)

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Hut Hut, MOOC!

Posted by Intrepid Learning on June 01, 2015

A corporate MOOC can be an incredibly effective way to tackle your organization's most important strategic priorities, and make both your leadership and your learners cheer. Our clients using the Intrepid platform in the corporate MOOC configuration have seen enormous success leveraging the MOOC model for cohort-driven learning at scale directly aligned with their organization's biggest strategic initiatives.

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Learning about Learning

Posted by Intrepid Learning on April 21, 2015

Learning about learning—one of our favorite 'water cooler' topics at Intrepid.

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Three Tips for Content Curation in Blended Learning

Posted by Intrepid Learning on April 14, 2015

by Nicole Bunselmeyer and Manjit Sekhon

Short-form content is an exciting new modality for learners. For the instructional designers in charge of creating and delivering all those new short-form assets, though, it can be a big new challenge.

Here are a few tips for handling content curation in blended learning.

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Meeting the Five Moments of Need

Posted by Intrepid Learning on March 30, 2015


I’ve long admired training (and ping-pong) legend Allison Rossett’s spin on pretty much everything. When we had lunch recently, I showed Allison our Learning Hub™ platform, and she said “What you’ve done here is address all five moments of need.” Cue angel chorus!

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Cracking the Successful Corporate MOOC

Posted by Intrepid Learning on March 22, 2015

A successful corporate MOOC is possible — the high dropout rates that have plagued off-the-shelf MOOCs can be overcome to phenomenal results for learners and for organizations. We love to talk about it, and so do our clients. Ludo Fourrage, Head of Virtual Learning at Microsoft, details, in his Training Magazine article "Cracking the Successful Corporate MOOC", the business challenge Microsoft's Readiness Group was facing in the spring of 2014.

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