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Blended Learning Research from Brandon Hall

There’s "blended learning" and then there’s blended learning. David Wentworth on the Brandon Hall Group blog delves into BHG’s research into what ‘blended learning’ means in today’s organizations in his post Blended Learning Research Says We're Not There Yet and concludes that

Unfortunately, many organizations are saddled with legacy programs, processes and platforms that are geared to deliver course-based elearning and classroom instruction, with no consideration for the multitude of modalities currently available. In today’s business environment, the course cannot exist in a vacuum. Learners need the ability to not only learn the material, but discuss it with each other, learn from experts, see examples and learn by doing.

We couldn’t agree more.

To be effective, blended learning can’t mean just two types of learning side by side, or the use of just one online tool. Nor can you just toss everything but the kitchen sink at a learner and hope for the best. Course elements, like the Missions, Learning Paths, short-form content, and other organizational and collaborative tools you’ll find in Intrepid’s learning technology platform, need to be mixed and matched coherently to work together to serve an organization’s and a learning audience’s particular needs and business environment.

Wentworth continues,

The learning strategy must be reengineered to meet the 90% of learning needs that seem to go unserved. Otherwise, you’ll be talking about your learning efforts like Brian Fantana from Anchorman: "10% of the time, it works every time."

We think your learners deserve training that works all of the time.

Check out the full post here.



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