Webinar: 3 Best Practices of a Successful Online Learning Strategy

Posted by Catie Bull on May 31, 2017

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Wednesday June 14th at 1pm Eastern, join VitalSmarts for a webinar discussing three best practices of successful online learning initiatives with Intrepid's Judy Albers:

  • Reaching people where they are—reach people in any physical location, as well as at their unique competence and emotional levels for ultimate engagement.
  • Micro vs. macro learning—adapt your content to mimic the workplace environment and the focus of modern learners.
  • Blending online learning with in-person learning—maximize skill transference through a blended approach.

In your organization, does “Online Training” describe a boring, technical training experience delivered to isolated, zoned-out learners? For years, VitalSmarts had the same assumptions about online learning. But as technology advanced, environments evolved, and modern learners swarmed the work force, they changed their tune. They took a chance and developed Crucial Conversations Online and discovered online learning retains all the advantages of classroom training while offering a better way to reach the modern learner.

The webinar will be led by Emily Hoffman, vice president of development at VitalSmarts, with Judy Albers, director, learning strategist at Intrepid Learning.

Details and registration.

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