Sales & Service Training Shift Q&A with Sam Herring

Posted by Catie Bull on March 07, 2017

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In the recent webinar "The Sales & Service Training Shift: Technology's Impact on Effective Learning Methods" with Miller Heiman Group, Intrepid CEO Sam Herring discussed the modern learner with Miller Heiman's CEO Byron Matthews, but of course there is never enough time for all the Q&A sparked by such a dynamic topic.

So Byron and Sam spent a little more time talking about the role technology plays in meeting the challenges organizations face when it comes to the modern learner.

For instance, Sam dives deeper into the question "What is micro-learning?"

There is a lot of simplistic and frankly wrong-headed talk about “micro-learning” in corporate learning circles today. What we’re talking about when we refer to micro-learning is not simply “dumbing down” learning to be short nuggets of content, and expecting that everything a learner needs to learn can be mastered in two minutes and they’re off and running. That’s great for reference or a quick tutorial, but that doesn’t capture the full spectrum of learning needs—not even close!  We believe that there usually needs to be structure and context for learning, and that micro-learning form factors can be utilized as the digital learning components within a learning journey. [...]

Check out the full Q&A blog post, and if you missed it, the webinar recording.

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