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Resources / Lessons Learned – Delivering a Collaborative Learning Course – An Expert Panel

Lessons Learned – Delivering a Collaborative Learning Course – An Expert Panel

Collaborative learning maps to brain science (like the higher levels of Five Moments of Need and Bloom’s Taxonomy), to human nature (social relationships), and to how work gets done (in teams). And it’s not the same experience as just bolting a discussion forum to your LMS or e-learning module. The benefits of switching to a collaborative online learning modality are big, fast, and business-based.

So let’s dig in on this more. Because as you know, between digital disruption/transformation, the increased pace of business change, and increased employee turnover rates we have some very high stakes challenges. Join us for this recorded session to meet the experts who just completed the delivery of a highly successful collaborative learning course for an engaging panel discussion on lessons learned.

    • Best practices to ensure your Collaborative learning program is a highly powerful learner experience and impacts business success.
    • How to effectively leverage ILT instructor skills as facilitator and moderators.
    • How to make the most of each modality (collaborative learning, live, virtual instructor-led training, webinar, coaching, assessment, , etc.) for different skills.
    • How to bring everyone in the cohort (and managers!) along the journey together.




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