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Posted by Catie Bull on May 21, 2018



Manjit Sekhon, Director of Learning Experience Design

Manjit Sekhon, Intrepid's Director of Learning Experience Design

A self-proclaimed "passionate defender of learner rights", she focuses on using digital learning strategies like Corporate MOOCs to present clear, relevant and engaging learning that connects with learners' on-the-job experiences. In fact, Manjit wrote our Declaration of Modern

Learner Rights last year -- a list of 10 tenets for keeping the learner at the center of the universe while still driving clear and actionable business results with learning.

Manjit has been with Intrepid since 2008, and comes from an organizational, performance and talent development background.

But enough about the dry details, let's get deeper into her particular POV on corporate learning!


5 Conditions of Digital Learning Success

A sneak peek into the main topics that will be covered in the mini-MOOC experience.


5 Steps for Keeping Your Stakeholders Happy

A great resource for handling the people-side of delivering successful online learning programs.


Bite-Sized Learning Turns Less Into More

An intro to the idea of microlearning and how to apply it to great online learning experiences, complete with a section about how this transformation in the learning world affects instructional designers.


Declaration of Modern Learner Rights infographic

An incredible summation of Intrepid's POV on the modern learner, and what meeting their needs can mean for the business.


5 Ways to Lower the Barriers Between Your Learners and Learning

Manjit digs into Article #3 of the Declaration of Modern Learner Rights, "Expectations shall be clearly communicated" and clearly communicates real-world examples of ways to get your learners' attention so that they will a) pay attention to what you need from them and b) get what they want out of the course.


Declaration of Modern Learner Rights podcast

An interview by Brandon Hall's HCMx podcast team with Manjit regarding the business impact of a Learner First philosophy. Because after all, there will be no business impact of training if people don’t apply their learning on the job. And people won’t apply what never connected with them in the first place.


Three Tips for Content Curation in Blended Learning

Just what it says -- some tips and tricks for the new world of online learning content curation.


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