Digital Learning Vision: The What and the How

Posted by Manjit Sekhon on August 19, 2018

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Intrepid ran a three week MOOC for learning leaders to help them build a blueprint for digitally transforming the way learning happens in their organizations in June of this year. If you missed it, no worries! In this blog series, you will find a quick distillation of our POV and of our audience’s insights.

MIT & Deloitte say that 90% of organizations anticipate their industries will be disrupted by digital trends, but only 40% are preparing for disruptions to come. (Source: “Aligning the Organization for its Digital Future,” MIT Sloan Management Review & Deloitte University Press, 2016).

These disruptions may be in the form of new technology powering business models, products, services, processes – all causing rapid changes that require employees to constantly learn new skills and change how they go about their jobs.

This puts learning leaders in a position to directly impact how successfully their organization responds to, or leads the disruption happening in their industries. The challenge, though, is that we can’t help our organizations deal with disruption unless we embrace it in our own function.

If the only tools in your learning toolbox are in-person or virtual instructor led classroom sessions and an LMS catalog full of eLearning courses, you’re not prepared to lead your organization into the future.

Based on our extensive experience supporting learning leaders across industries with their own transformation journeys, we have been able to identify the elements – we like to call it a blueprint – that can help YOU on your own organization’s journey of digital learning transformation. Download the Digital Learning Blueprint Template. It will give you plenty of fodder for making presentations internally in order to help secure buy-in for the digital transformation you want to achieve.

We will walk through each section in our upcoming blogs; to begin with, let’s talk about how to confirm that the learning initiative you are thinking of will actually solve your organization’s biggest business challenge.


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There’s always a trigger that drives an organization to digitally transform their learning. This trigger is usually in the form of an organizational challenge that requires a different approach than the ones that have been traditionally used by that organization.

  1. Find the biggest challenge your business is facing today. A learning initiative that directly addresses this challenge is a great candidate for kick starting your organization's digital learning transformation, because it is more likely to get funding and enthusiastic support.   
  2. Then connect the business challenge to a performance challenge for your workforce – what will people need to do differently, and what are the biggest gaps in their ability to do these things well?
  3. Finally, think about the one learning initiative that will move the needle on your audience's performance challenge, and in turn your business challenge, the most.

Usually, at this point, a learning leader will start to look at their existing learning options and start to figure out whether they will suffice, or whether they need to add to their toolbox. A common dilemma is that in-person approaches are preferred for critical learning initiatives, but they don’t scale. And eLearning, that does scale, doesn’t bring with it the engagement needed to really motivate learners to change their behavior. And neither approach results in long term learning retention or on the job application.

This is where adopting digital approaches start to make sense. You can bring together best practices of social, collaborative, short-form learning, take advantage of repetition, give learners an opportunity to create insights and practice on the job to truly drive change at scale.

What’s your challenge or trigger for digital learning transformation? Share in comments below or reach out to for a targeted demo to see how your challenge was solved by other companies.

 In our next blog, we will share best practices of coming up with a measurement strategy for a digital learning experience, another key component of a successful digital learning transformation journey. Again, you can download the blueprint template for yourself here.

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