Hut Hut, MOOC!

Posted by Intrepid Learning on June 01, 2015

Football Xs and Os diagram

A corporate MOOC can be an incredibly effective way to tackle your organization's most important strategic priorities, and make both your leadership and your learners cheer. Our clients using the Intrepid platform in the corporate MOOC configuration have seen enormous success leveraging the MOOC model for cohort-driven learning at scale directly aligned with their organization's biggest strategic initiatives.

And you can too.

But where should you start?

Well, we suggest kicking off with this infographic, a handy guide we created to help you determine if your learning initiative is a good candidate for a corporate MOOC (or if it's better suited to an ongoing online performance support program such as the Intrepid Learning Hub configuration instead).

Is It A Good Fit For A MOOC Infographic

Did you get to the end zone? If so, your next move (after a little end zone dance, naturally) should be to download our new Business Transformation MOOC Playbook to find out just how to run a corporate MOOC. The playbook walks you through the steps of effectively executing a corporate MOOC that'll win the learning game for your learners and your organization.

The playbook lays out the steps for:

  • Getting Fans (Foam fingers and beverage helmets for everyone)
  • Content Creation (The B-School Option and the Internal Content Option)
  • Designing the Learning Experience (including tips for badging and gamification rubrics)
  • Marketing Your MOOC Internally (psyching up the crowd pre-game, starting a wave...)
  • and more...

And if you have any questions not covered in the Business Transformation MOOC Playbook, we love to talk learning solutions, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. (We swear we won't overdo the football analogies. More than we already have. We're headquartered in Seattle—after back-to-back Super Bowls, it's kind of in the water around here...)

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