Article & Video Roundup: Questions and Journeys

Posted by Catie Bull on March 21, 2017

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Here are a few of the corporate learning- and technology-related articles and videos that have caught our eye recently.


Want to Know What Your Brain Does when it Hears a Question? by David Hoffeld, FastCompany is a quick intro to the power of questions and their ability to influence you. Don’t you think that’s an exciting subject for learning experience designers?


David Slocum of The Berlin School of Creative Leadership explores, in his Forbes article “Leading the Future of Learning Through Four Key Trends,” the idea of a continuous learning journey for professional adults by looking at various education and learning models in light of adult professional learners’ needs.


Five Reasons Learners Experience the Spacing Effect” by Will Thalheimer, PhD examines the concept of spacing as it relates to microlearning and mobile learning based on some of the numerous studies on spaced learning published each year. (And there are a lot published).


Short videos from Deloitte’s Chief Learning Officer Forum offer CLO and analyst predictions on topics like learners’ changing expectations, what will be on the learning agenda in the next five years, and how  the role of the learning executive is likely to evolve. (Tip: watch them right to left).


Designing for Experience: How ‘Experience Design can Create a More Holistic ‘User Experience” with words by Patrick Zimmerman and illustrations by Rebecca Werres explores the history of the design discipline and how it’s changed, and is changing things, today.

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