5 Conditions of Digital Learning Success

Posted by Manjit Sekhon on May 17, 2018

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I am very excited about our upcoming "Build Your Digital Learning Blueprint: A Mini-MOOC for Learning Executives" — and getting more so as we get more and more industry leaders' voices on video for participants to learn from. So I can't help but give you a sneakpeek at some of the meaty topics we'll be covering, which include the 5 Conditions of Digital Learning Success. (And these 5 conditions apply to whatever business challenge you've picked to go after.) 


How ready is your company’s learning culture for digital learning; true digital learning (not just elearning or doing what you do in the classroom the exact same way online)? We’ll help you explore learning attitudes, executive and technology culture within your organization. Our guest speakers will share their stories about how they leveraged their learning culture or how they overcame cultural barriers to drive digital learning success.

Measuring Impact

Does your process now focus heavily on ROI or does it look at the drivers of behavior change and measure those during the learning program? We're very excited to share business impact metrics that other learning leaders have used as models that you can use for inspiration.


It's such a thrilling time to be in our industry because we are being challenged to think about our jobs in an entirely different way. Instructional designers are becoming experience designers, classroom facilitators are becoming online moderators, instructors, and coaches. And new roles are coming in -- for instance one of our guest speakers now has a “marketing and activation” team in her L&D department. We’ll help you think through the knowledge, skillsets and attitudes that your team needs in order to be successful in the future. 


Everyone we've interviewed for the course has talked about how they are re-evaluating their processes end to end. They talk about their journey from ADDIE to Agile and beyond; all in order to get to a shortened time to launch for learning programs.


Last but not least, technology. How should you think about your learning ecosystem? Our guest speakers answer questions about how they built their ecosystem. Here's a real tidbit of advice from one of our SMEs in the MOOC -- don't pick something that looks great and then find ways to use it -- instead, identify the problem, determine what sort of experience you need to address that problem, and then look for the right technology to address it. Harder to do, but the payoff can be huge in terms of learning impact!

These 5 conditions — culture, impact, people, process, and technology — are the building blocks of a blueprint that you will put together to help you address your critical business challenges through truly transformative digital learning initiatives.  If you're a learning leader with a critical mandate on your plate, we hope you'll join us, starting June 4th.

Click here for more details about the experience and to register.https://events.intrepidlearning.com/build-your-digital-learning-blueprint

See you in the MOOC!

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