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Posted by Catie Bull on June 02, 2015

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The eLearning Guild has published a complimentary white paper on the design and launch of Microsoft's highly successful sales enablement corporate MOOC, which is run on the Intrepid Learning platform. The Microsoft corporate MOOC program for their global salesforce has been a resounding success, with the remarkably high engagement levels of the pilot course in the fall of 2014 repeated with subsequent cohorts and courses this year.

Intrepid Learning's role in Microsoft's sales enablement training continues to be vital end-to-end, including not only the critically important engaging online platform, but also course design, business school partner selection, internal course marketing, and fine-tuning new iterations of the learning program. (In addition, the ease of launching and using the Intrepid Learning platform meant that the robust, deeply engaging pilot course was up and running—and empowering Microsoft's critical business transformation—in just a few months.)

The whitepaper, "Microsoft's Corporate MOOC: Transforming Training to Increase Seller Engagement", details the launch and early results of the transformative training program, and how the Microsoft L&D team plans to expand the program and run more corporate MOOCs on the Intrepid platform in the future.

You can download the white paper here.

You can find more information on the Microsoft corporate MOOC in our Learning Library, including a video webinar with Microsoft's Head of Virtual Learning, Ludo Fourrage, and Intrepid and INSEAD guests.

And if you would like to explore running a corporate MOOC to tackle your own organization's critical business challenges, check out our Business Transformation MOOC Playbook and request a demo of our innovative platform to see it in action for yourself.

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