Webinar: Debunking the 4 Myths of Online Learning

Posted by Catie Bull on January 26, 2017

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Our partner VitalSmarts is presenting what is bound to be a worth-your-while webinar on Tuesday, January 31st at 1pm Eastern. Topics covered will include:

  • The four myths of online learning and the best practices to debunk those myths.
  • Why online learning is ideal for the modern learner (i.e., the up-and-coming workforce you can no longer ignore).
  • Why VitalSmarts has joined the ranks of online learning with Crucial Conversations Online.

More webinar details from VitalSmarts below, and you can register here.

Online learning gets a bad rap—and deservedly so. At VitalSmarts, we spent many years among the critics. For decades (yes, it’s been that long!) eLearning courses have been clunky, ugly, awkward, difficult to use, boring, and just plain ineffective.

But then, something began to change. Online learning platforms started leveraging the best in modern learning concepts and practices, allowed for more social interaction, delivered bite-sized and easy-to-integrate content, and integrated spaced and blended learning options. When utilized well, online learning translated into powerful learning experiences and even solved many challenges we’ve battled with for years in live classrooms. So, we ditched the role of critic and became converted to the idea that we could build an online course that would live up to our high standards in learning design and training delivery.

Still not convinced?

Stay ahead of the learning trends and join Chase McMillan and Justin Hale, VitalSmarts Master Trainers and developers of Crucial Conversations Online, on Tuesday, January 31 at 1:00 p.m. ET, for a one-hour, live webinar.

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