The Three Traps of Blended Learning, and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Intrepid by VitalSource on November 14, 2018

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Don't miss this great webinar recording, "The Three Traps of Blended Learning and How to Avoid Them" with Integrity Solutions CEO Mike Esterday and Intrepid's learning strategist Judy Albers. 

In this webinar, the two discuss the three most common blended learning mistakes and a roadmap for sidestepping these often unseen traps. They walk you through a series of meaty and easy-to-understands insights on:

  • Why “blended” doesn’t necessarily mean higher levels of acceptance and adoption
  • How to avoid the same drop-off in learning that prompted you to look at blended learning in the first place
  • How to avoid the “Frankenstein” approach used by most organizations that leads to disengagement

Download the recording and slides here.


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