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Watch Now: Intrepid's Sam Herring on Collaborative Learning & Sales Transformation

Intrepid’s VP/GM Sam Herring and Sales Readiness Group's CEO Ray Makela outlined why sales training is evolving and how collaborative learning overcomes traditional sales barriers in a recent webinar, Transforming Sales Training with Collaborative Learning.

During the webinar, Sam explained Intrepid’s view of collaborative learning, calling it “the applied aspect [that] has been missing” and saying that “there’s a lot of innovation in the space of collaborative digital learning, but the best learning experiences are cohort driven. Teams of learners travel through and experience learning together with a moderator, coach, instructor [or others] there to instruct and facilitate that learning experience. [They’re] learning in the flow of work…when and where needed.”

In their discussion, Sam and Ray highlighted the major challenges sales leaders face and why traditional sales training is missing the mark. When asked, webinar attendees said that the biggest challenges facing sales leaders today are that buyers are more sophisticated and that competition is increasingly tough. Ray and Sam connected these sentiments to a growing need for training tools that are contextual and that drive engagement, and Sam explained how collaborative learning helps achieve both contextual and engaging learning.

A case study from Intrepid’s work with Microsoft to transform their sales organization was explored as an example of successfully combining contextual, engaging learning with robust team interactions that leverage peer insights. Sam emphasized that a key component to effective collaborative learning is ensuring that content is applicable to the learner’s actual day-to-day tasks.

Regarding engagement, Sam spotlighted social tools as vital for connecting learners and creating a truly collaborative environment in which people learn from each other. He also noted that since “teams [are] how we sell today, so we need to be learning in teams,” emphasizing that because sales is generally collaborative, sales professionals’ learning experience should be team-based as well.

“People need time to practice…on real world components, aided by the social piece: open discussion forums, give comments, social search, find other experts in a learning community, liking, tagging, following. The other component [is] structured social, with the group doing work together as a team,” said Sam.

Watch the webinar now for more information. And, feel free to share this resource with anyone you think might benefit from exposure to a progressive approach to learning. This webinar is ideal for Sales Leaders, Training Professionals and anyone directing Learning and Development initiatives who wants to drive meaningful improvements that actually stick within their sales organizations.





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