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Posted by Intrepid by VitalSource on August 07, 2018


The guest speakers in our recent Build Your Digital Learning Blueprint MOOC—all experts in their field and active senior learning leaders—shared a number of resources they think are the best things for instructional designers to be reading/watching, and here they are for you to peruse and learn from as well. Learning professionals are always learning about learning, and this list is a great place to look for new inspiration.

Also, tell us in the comments what your favorite resources are for measuring learning, building a learning culture, the digital learning ecosystem, and agile processes for learning – or any other topics relevant to modern digital learning!

Measurement resources

Recommended reading on data:

Hans Rosling's book Factfulness. (Want to hear a few of Rosling's ideas first? He's got some great videos on YouTube. Hans Rosling on Factfulness (6-video series from THINK Global School).)


Building a Learning Culture Books:


Learning Ecosystem resources:


 Methods for Applying Agile to your Process:


What else would you add? 

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