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Resources / Going Digital with Executive Education: COVID-19 and Beyond

Going Digital with Executive Education: COVID-19 and Beyond

Have you contemplated incorporating digital learning into your Executive Education offerings in the past, only to now be left without a choice as a result of COVID-19?

Watch ProEd’s webinar for a conversation with Erin Maher, Senior Partner Success Executive, and Sanjay Advani, Senior Director of Alliances, both at Intrepid, discuss the steps that Executive Education teams can take immediately to respond to the changing needs of learners due to COVID-19 restrictions… and beyond.

In this session, the following topics are discussed:

  • What should you be thinking about to respond to changing needs now, while building foundation to thrive in the future
  • How to identify which offerings you should prioritize, and how to address them
  • How can you act now, and still be planning for the future
  • Tactical steps to take to go to digital
  • How to ensure your digital program drives impact and behavior transformation

About Presenters:

Erin Maher, Senior Partner Success Executive at Intrepid by VitalSource is a dynamic customer success leader with extensive experience in learning strategy & execution, process improvement, and consulting. She brings expertise with development & operational planning for management, sales, and product knowledge training initiatives across a variety of industries including Healthcare, Cloud Services, and Information Technology.

Sanjay Advani, Sr. Director, Intrepid Alliances is a pioneer in the corporate MOOC landscape. His passion for driving highly impactful learning experiences is informed by more than 20 years of leadership success in diverse areas including education, IT training and certification among others.


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