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Your Very Own Survey Offer (for Organizations Over 5,000 employees)

We did a survey of 1,000 U.S.-based learners and found out:

  • What they think is the highest-stakes learning needed at their organization
  • How they prefer to learn
  • What they think of their organization’s learning culture

The results were fascinating! And slightly alarming at times. Definitely a useful wake-up call for learning leaders. But of course, these are results from across a wide range of industries and companies.

So we are pleased to offer you the chance to have your own results for your own learners! If your organization has more than 5,000 employees, fill out the form to have Intrepid help you survey your organization about the state of high-stakes learning and sentiments about the learning culture at your organization. 

You'll get a copy of our tightly crafted survey to send to your own learners, and we'll take the results and provide a custom infographic that benchmarks you are against the broader results. This is a great chance to check the pulse of your organization and benchmark it against a broad set of learner data.

Your infographic will resemble this industry-wide one:

Learner Survey Infographic 2019


Group 7@2x

PlayBook: 28.6MB

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