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Resources / Interview with Chris Pirie: Radical Digital Learning Transformation

Interview with Chris Pirie: Radical Digital Learning Transformation

Watch this dynamic half-hour interview on a range of topics all relating to digital learning transformation in this (pandemic) day and age, and what's to come next in 2021.

Chris draws especially from learnings from his Future Workplace Academy course, Radical Learning Transformation: Disrupt Yourself and Rethink Your Corporate Learning Strategy, as well as his frequent interactions with learning leaders across the world.

Topic covered in the conversation include:

  • The shift to digital transformation no longer being the "hill you have to die on" in L&D, and what that means for learning experiences
  • What are the hot topics of the day on the minds of L&D professionals (leaders and practitioners) as they navigate the COVID-19 world?
  • The "digital divide" and overcoming inequities in the corporate world
  • What's next? (Crystal ball time)

Daryl Fleary
Senior Account Manager, Intrepid by VitalSource

Chris Pirie
CEO, Learning Futures Group and former Microsoft CLO





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