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Design for Collaboration 2020

Design for Collaboration Course: What do Instructional Designers Need to Learn and Unlearn?

Course Registration for February 2020 is now closed, as the course has begun!

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February 10-28 Course Description (for reference)

Learn all about designing collaborative online learning

What is it? A 3-week introduction to collaborative online learning in a collaborative online learning environment

When is it? February 10-February 28: 3 weeks, 1 hour of work and interaction per week

Who’s it for? Instructional designers, learning architects, learning experience designers etc. who want to expand their career horizons!

Why’s it important? Collaborative online learning is the modality chosen by BOTH learners and CLOs as the preferred approach for those truly business-critical training topics. (See the survey results.)

Who will I be learning from? Each other! As well as Intrepid’s learning experience design experts and other industry leaders.

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