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Press / Learning Leaders Laud Intrepid by VitalSource Blueprint for Digital Learning


Learning Leaders Laud Intrepid by VitalSource Blueprint for Digital Learning

Learning Leaders Laud Intrepid by VitalSource Blueprint for Digital Learning

Designed to Help Guide Digital Learning Transformation, Mini-MOOC Garners Engagement in More than 40 Countries

August 13, 2018

SEATTLE (August 13, 2018) – Intrepid by VitalSource® today reported the results from its recent “mini-MOOC” designed to help enterprise learning leaders guide their organizations through a digital learning transformation. The self-paced, three-week course started on June 4, 2018. The correlation between business and learning was strongly validated by participants from more than 40 countries across the Americas, EMEA, APAC and Australia.

Developed to give learning leaders a starting point from which to create their own digital learning action plans, the mini-MOOC uncovered compelling trends. Overwhelmingly, participants agreed meeting the needs of the learner was the primary focus; followed by making learning available when it’s needed; making learning more social and collaborative; ensuring learning is continuous versus an event; and facilitating self-directed learning. Additionally, participants agreed on the importance of processes that enable learners to go back to the business, apply what they’ve learned and report back on its impact.

When asked what they wanted in a learning ecosystem, participants listed learner-centric as most important. Other important components cited were the ability to manage courses, micro-learning, a right fit for the business, ability to scale, strong customer support and cost-effectiveness.

One MOOC partaker commented, “A design thinking approach to the learner as customer will help to ensure what we create is relevant, consumable, and valuable, as well as provide avenues for the learner to have a voice in contributing to the learning experience through curated content, discussion, etc.”

Sam Herring, Co-Founder, Vice President and General Manager of Intrepid by VitalSource, observed, “The learner experience is no longer strictly about their experience with the content and how they interact with it. It’s the entire journey from becoming aware of a need, being able to identify resources to address it and being able to access and participate in learning seamlessly within their workflow. Our blueprint for digital learning helped learning leaders determine how to solve a specific business challenge – such as leadership development, sales enablement or new hire onboarding – in the context of their unique environment.”

To further help organizations prepare for the challenges of digital disruption through next-generation digital learning, Intrepid by VitalSource is offering a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. ET. To register, please visit:

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Intrepid by VitalSource® is a brand of VitalSource Technologies LLC resulting from the exciting blend of two technology companies that brings a powerful combination of online learning and online content delivery. The Intrepid LearnTM platform serves world-class companies with nimble learning solutions that scale massively without losing learner engagement. The Intrepid DiscoverTM platform is a global leader in building, enhancing and delivering secure and mobile digital content.

VitalSource has a 20-plus-year history delivering digital learning content to K-12 and higher education. Worldwide last year, 7.8 million college and university students from 241 countries and territories read 3.4 billion pages from 24 million titles through VitalSource.

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