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Press / Spring Release Empowers Better Learning With Exciting New Features


Spring Release Empowers Better Learning With Exciting New Features

SEATTLE, WA (March 18, 2021) – Intrepid®, the market-leading collaborative learning platform for global enterprises and elite training providers, today announced another series of enhanced integrations and features which empower fresh blended learning approaches at global scale.

The new integrations allow administrators even more ways to integrate other technologies like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, already in use at an organization, into the Intrepid platform for a seamless learner experience. They put the administrator in the driver’s seat when it comes to human-centric blended learning course design choices, allowing designers to choose the right modality and tool for the right job, all while keeping the learner experience sophisticated.

The newest enhanced features include an interactive video functionality that increases both the opportunity to apply skills, get real-time feedback, increase engagement between both learners and course facilitators, and do it all on the go in an updated mobile app. 

“Intrepid’s newest skills application video feature is very exciting,” said Deloitte Consulting Senior Manager Jamie Breshears. “It’s also a real game-changer for our learning products and the client transformations we support. There are a slew of meaningful use cases for it, and it really extends the human-centric feel of Intrepid. This is the kind of collaborative learning innovation that makes a big impact for our clients."


Intrepid’s Director of Product Management, Rachel Elfenbein, adds, “I am thrilled that our new intergrations and enhanced features allow even more connectivity and skills application practice at scale. We are constantly innovating and enhancing the learner experience, driving administrative efficiency, and working hard to meet and exceed accessibility requirements. Intrepid’s collaborative learning approach is central to our clients’ learning ecosystems, and we are proud to be doing all we can to make the learning experience a seamless and impactful one, every time.”

To learn more about Intrepid’s collaborative learning offering and the blended learning options the new integrations enhance, please visit Intrepid’s resource library.

For more information on the integrations, visit the video on our blog 

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