Intrepid by VitalSource Unveils Blueprint for Digital Learning

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June 4, 2018
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Intrepid by VitalSource Unveils Blueprint for Digital Learning

Complimentary MOOC Helps Learning Leaders Solve Business Challenges

SEATTLE–Intrepid by VitalSource® today announced the availability of a new “mini-MOOC” to help enterprise learning leaders guide their organizations through a digital learning transformation. The complimentary, self-paced three-week course starts June 4, and is designed around a reusable blueprint that defines and orients digital learning solutions to drive business results.

With jobs being redesigned in response to new business models and increased automation from artificial intelligence and robotics, the degree of disruption in the workplace has become more pervasive in recent history. Learning and development departments are being challenged to build and evolve the skills that will support the workplace of the future. A systemic shift is underway as companies scramble to create nimble cultures of learning that support evolving career pathways and anticipate the inevitabilities of business change.

During the course of three weeks, Intrepid’s MOOC will help learning leaders transform from old approaches with limited outcomes to new learning strategies that can scale, engage employees, and deliver better business results. This course enables participants to create a specific digital learning action plan for a significant business challenge they face.

Topics that address the five conditions of digital learning success:

  • how to assess your learning culture and shape it for the future
  • how to think about business impact and use measures beyond ROI
  • how to evaluate your technology ecosystem and identify gaps to fill
  • how to change learning design, development and delivery processes to be agile
  • how to develop your learning team’s mindset and skillsets to prepare them for new learning roles for the future

Sam Herring, Co-Founder, Vice President and General Manager of Intrepid by VitalSource, commented, “This course will help enterprise learning leaders chart digital transformation for learning in their organization by solving a specific high-stakes, high-impact business challenge. We believe the best learning experiences are about solving problems, so we have designed this course for just that purpose. Participants will learn from expert digital learning practitioners and by networking with other leaders throughout the course.”

Delivered on its Learn platform, Intrepid recommends that learners commit two hours per week during the three-week duration of the course. It is self-paced and the two hours can be accessed at the convenience of the user. This offering is best suited for senior executives in charge of learning for business results. 

About Intrepid by VitalSource |

Intrepid by VitalSource® is a brand of VitalSource Technologies LLC resulting from the exciting blend of two technology companies that brings a powerful combination of online learning and online content delivery. The Intrepid Learn™ platform serves world-class companies with nimble learning solutions that scale massively without losing learner engagement. The Intrepid Discover™ platform is a global leader in building, enhancing and delivering secure and mobile digital content.

VitalSource has a 20-plus-year history delivering digital learning content to K-12 and higher education. Worldwide last year, 7.8 million college and university students from 241 countries and territories read 3.4 billion pages from 24 million titles through VitalSource.

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