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Press / Spring Release from Intrepid, June 2019


Spring Release from Intrepid, June 2019

Spring product release from Intrepid by VitalSource expands collaborative functionality

Learning leader extends new collaborative workspace functionality to enhance learner insights

SEATTLE (June 4, 2019) –

Intrepid®, the market-leading collaborative learning provider, today announced the latest round of innovative new features for the Intrepid platform. The extension to Intrepid’s collaborative capabilities includes social profiles and enhanced search. Both enable learners to easily find and follow the contributions and activities of their peers. Together with Intrepid’s existing features this fosters deeper learning and a streamlined user experience.

Sushil Pallen, Learning Innovation Manager at London Business School, said, “We used the Intrepid platform to successfully launch our first fully online course and based on our experiences and learner feedback we will definitely launch more courses on Intrepid. We found Intrepid fully reflects our approach and brand identity across the whole learning experience, giving learners an impactful and engaging experience with a collaborative focus.”  

The new social profiles and search functionality efficiently bring teams together during the learning experience, delivering contextual, personalized connections that enhance engagement and accelerate on-the-job application. By expanding social interactions and search functionality as well as reducing clicks, teams can more easily share insights, solve problems, and access relevant content to improve overall performance. 

Sam Herring, General Manager and Vice President of Intrepid, said, “Our latest release responds to overwhelming learner and buyer demands for collaborative learning which they know is superior to traditional forms of self-paced e-learning. Our recent learner survey shows that over sixty percent of learners prefer a shared, social learning experience, and nearly eighty percent of CLOs agree that collaborative learning is the preferred approach for high-stakes training programs.”

To learn more about the new Intrepid features, see our latest product demo webcast.

For more information, contact Thom Robbins at 206-518-9870 extension 1115

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