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Podcast with Sam Herring and Ben Eubanks about Learner Engagement and Missions

Intrepid's GM Sam Herring sat down with analyst Ben Eubanks to discuss "Using Mission-Focused Learning to Improve Learner Engagement" on episode 47 of Eubanks' Being Human podcast. 

The two discuss learning metrics, what's ahead for 2019, and the all-important and compelling mission/learning journey approach to achieving new skills and information. Context, impact, and outcomes are also top of mind for these two professionals who are incredibly passionate about effective learning for the corporate world. Other topics explored include:

  • the balance of content delivery to task-orientation
  • the power of having a business-related end-game in mind with your learning
  • thinking through business challenge learning strategy is applied towards
  • studies about performance metrics

They also delve into the issue of whether "engagement" is the best top metric for CLOs to be focused on, or not, and in what situations.

Listen to the entire podcast here.



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