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Recently our Director of Product Colin Gause and Director of Marketing Thom Robbins hosted a webinar with CLO Magazine highlighting the results of our survey of over 400 CLOs and 1,000 learners and how they felt about high stakes learning and the state of learning within their organizations. The second portion of the webinar spoke to Intrepid’s definition of collaborative learning and some of the key collaborative features in our platform. Colin described how these collaborative features are engineered to meet the needs of modern learners and CLOs by driving contextual, social engagement to better surface insights and apply learning on the job.

Here are a few key data points from the survey to provide some context: 

  • 82% of CLOS would choose Collaborative Learning as the preferred method for online learning
  • “Learning with and/or from others” is the most preferred method for learning in general
  • 42% of CLOs lamented that competing priorities were the biggest barrier to adopting a new learning culture

During the first half of the webinar, Thom emphasized the relationship between the data and how collaborative learning can help address both CLO and learner needs around engagement and teamwork. Here's a quote from Thom,"The data shows that when you're dealing with super high-stakes learning, you want to learn with and from others." 

On the product front, Colin elaborated on the relative benefits of a collaborative learning platform at the expense of that old punching bag, classroom learning.

Colin said, “Classrooms, beyond the cost considerations also have some limitations in terms of scale and learning goals. For example – not sharing and saving insights (like we do) that occur across conversations in a class – across that whole class. Often those aren’t captured in a way everyone can go back to.”  

Colin then dove into a brief demo illustrating a few of Intrepid’s newer features related to social profiles. He highlighted how in these social profiles, each learner’s contributions (comments, likes, participation, quotes, etc.) are curated in a personalized view. This gives learners or administrators an easy frame of reference into each learner's perspective and insights which is critical to driving familiarity and connections.

While it’s one thing to describe what these features do, it’s better for you to see for yourself. If you have the time, please take a few minutes to see the simplicity and general impactfulness of these new, social capabilities. You can review the webinar recording here.





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