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New Article: Surround, Sustain and Scale Your Leadership Development

The continuous learning journey is no longer an elusive dream, thanks to the evolution of learning technology. In this brand-new Training Industry Magazine article, "Using Technology to Amplify Leadership Development," Intrepid's own Sanjay Advani explores the new ways modern online learning can surround, sustain and scale in-person leadership development workshops for senior leaders and high-potential employees.

The problem [with just utilizing dip-and-dunk workshops] is: Then what? Most workshop participants return to their overcrowded workdays and lose the motivation, focus, resources, and even knowledge to change their behavior on the job. [...] But the evolution of learning technology is providing new ways to surround, sustain, and scale. New approaches can take a great leadership workshop and amplify it, for real and immediate business results.

The article explores different methods of utilizing learning technology, from flipping the classroom to amplifying the mentoring reach of a simple voice memo. As Takiyah Gross, Newell-Rubbermaid's vice president of learning, notes,

"People don't often think that bite-sized learning is an effective way to develop leadership skills [...] However, there are responsibilities that leaders are faced with daily such as performance review discussions or tough coaching conversations. It's in these moments that on-the-spot advice can make all the difference [...]"

Hop over to Training Industry Magazine to read about how online learning between events can drive community building and reinforcement, plus real-world examples from progressive companies critical tackling leadership development in new ways. After all, as Noah Rabinowitz, Korn Ferry's global solution lead for leadership development, puts it,

"Leadership development is really about building a better organization, if you want to roll it up. It's about driving the strategy, changing the culture, filling the pipeline."

Read the full article to learn how online learning can amplify existing leadership training to meet those kinds of critical business goals.





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