New Article: Culture Shapes Digital Learning Success

Posted by Intrepid by VitalSource on December 04, 2018

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Intrepid's JR Burch (principal consultant, Learning Experience Design team) has written a great new article about culture and vision for Training Industry. It begins:

Research from MIT and Deloitte found that 90 percent of organizations anticipate their industries will be disrupted by digital trends, but only 40 percent are preparing for the impact of these disruptions. With such a significant variance, what’s a learning leader to do? How can you assess your company’s digital readiness to reskill, redeploy and redefine while cultivating support and generating results?

A strong learning culture is a competitive differentiator; however, it’s not enough to throw new learning technology into the enterprise and expect it to be successful. Change requires a plan that starts with awareness, as well as the creation and communication of a clear vision, and if your vision ignores your current culture, it will never lead to successful change.

Read on for more great insights!

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