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Take Advantage of the Intrepid Discount at the Learning Leaders Conference

Intrepid is thrilled to be attending the Learning Leaders Conference  this September 8-10 at the Gaylord Hotel in Washington DC. We’ll be gathering with a host of experts from across the technology and learning sectors to discuss what we’ve been up to and the latest trends in learning culture.

Of particular interest to readers is the fact that as part of Intrepid’s sponsorship, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on a discount code for people interested in attending the event. Since you are reading this blog, you’re invited to reap the benefits of a $500 discount and join us in DC in a few weeks. All you have to do is enter the discount code IIc-intrepid here to catch up with us and participate in these ever-timely discussions centered on the evolving state of America’s corporate culture.

Learning Leaders has partnered with RedThread Research to facilitate a series of interactive workshops encouraging attendees to tackle some of the most pressing professional and cultural challenges in the modern workplace. RedThread’s Stacia Sherman Garr and Dani Johnson will host two narrative “hackathons”, the first discussion will be centered around diversity and will encourage attendees to think critically what kind of solutions can foster a more tolerant and diverse workplace. The organizers will be asking questions like, “what are the connections between diverse and inclusive cultures and effective learning cultures?”

The second discussion will seek to identify who organizations are focusing their upskilling efforts on and what type of systems and cultures are required to drive meaningful outcomes in this regard. Tying both tracks together, the organizers aim to help attendees think about how inclusive upskilling and inclusive measures as a whole can inspire positive changes to both an organization’s overall culture and the bottom line.

At Intrepid, we build technology specifically engineered to help grow learner skillsets by connecting them to contextualized material – be it new systems or cultural programs that are relevant to real workplace goals so they can learn and grow in the flow of work. We also take the needs of the modern learner very seriously and appreciate that relevant content like diversity initiatives are increasingly part of a dynamic and balanced learning experience. We’re excited to hear what these workshops have in store and how these emerging ideals will be incorporated into our platform to improve organizational cultures moving forward.

In addition to the event’s cultural workshops and formal discussions, Intrepid will have our own meeting space on site in “the playground” to help facilitate convenient one on one time with our team. The meeting space was purposely designed to resemble a small office set up so there will be plenty of opportunity for people to sit down and comfortably meet with us. This approach promises to be a welcome departure from most conventional events which can begin to feel like a standing endurance competition after a while.

We hope you will take advantage of these tremendous savings and join the discussion with our team next month in Washington DC.




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