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Learning About Learning Bingo Contest!

Download your Bingo card and Learn About Learning, with the chance to win some great prizes! Deadline for emailing your completed card or list content due 11/30/2019 (intrepid@vitalsource.com).

The Rules

Read, watch, or listen to something on these corporate learning topics, fill out your bingo card by 11/30/2019 (or just email us the list) and get entered into the drawing!

You can also drop your bingo card off at our booth at DevLearn.

Fill out one bingo line of 5, and you’re eligible for a drawing for an Amazon gift card. Complete a full blackout, and you might win an Apple watch!

Articles, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, videos, whitepapers, books – any way in which you can learn more about corporate learning counts. If you need some suggestions for squares, check out our Bingo Suggestions blog for a place to start.

The Drawings

Once you’ve gotten your bingo or your blackout, take a picture of your filled-out card, or email us (intrepid@vitalsource.com) a list of what you watched/read/listened to, and we’ll enter you in our drawings! Winner to be notified after November 30, 2019.

Grand prize (for a fully-filled card): Apple watch

Runner-up prizes (for a single bingo line of 5): Amazon gift cards


The Fine Print

Only U.S. residents are eligible to win the grand prize (Apple watch) or other prizes (Amazon gift cards), unfortunately—sorry, importing rules and such.

And no using something twice! Each bingo square should have its own piece of content.

Due date: November 30, 2019. intrepid@vitalsource.com

The Bingo Card

Download it today!

Bingo card






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