Leadership programs are dead, long live leadership programs

Posted by Catie Bull on September 08, 2017

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This article in the Huffington Post by Anthony Abbatiello of Deloitte caught our eye, and not just because of the provocative title, "The DEATH of the Leadership Program." Abbatiello argues that "the construct of the leadership program is evolving rapidly...and that is probably for the best" and we couldn't agree more. Abatiello also says,

Ultimately, the leadership development experience of the future will need to keep up with the pace of change in our work settings and will need to prepare leaders to take on the biggest challenges and problems coming our way. To achieve this, new and experimental approaches will be necessary. The traditional top-down, one-way, knowledge transfer based program will not achieve the impact we need leadership development to have on our organizations, communities, and society.

Intrepid's Sanjay Advani's article "Using Technology to Amplify Leadership Development" in Training Industry Magazine takes up these themes of change in leadership development and offers real-world examples of continuous learning journeys utilizing modern technologies.

"It's inspiring to see some of the most progressive companies in the world tackle leadership development as a journey instead of a dip-and-dunk," says Sanjay Advani in the article. "It's also exciting to see the innovative learning technologies available today make it easier for a lot more companies to amplify their leadership development programs."

Check out the full "Using Technology to Amplify Leadership Development" article for more.

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