How is Intrepid Different From an LMS?

Posted by Catie Bull on September 27, 2017

LMS vs Intrepid

That’s a question we get a lot, and the answer—which is “very different”—rests in part on functionality and in part on DNA. Intrepid’s platform is learner-centric, meaning the fundamental point of it is for learners to learn. An LMS’s fundamental point is record-keeping and making life easier for the administrator (no surprise that the first LMS was called “Registrar”).

Intrepid’s DNA is the learner, the learner, the learner. Doesn’t mean our admin experience is lacking, it just means we’re more interested in learning and application to real work than we are in just keeping records. The LMSs do that well. We do something else. We’re not against the LMS, in fact we work with them (via APIs). But we’re not the same thing. Here is a breakdown of the differences:


LMS vs Intrepid details page 1

LMS vs Intrepid details page 2

For more details about the Intrepid Learn platform, please see our Learn Features & Capabilities page, and for more about how our award-winning clients are implementing their critical learning experiences on the Intrepid Learn platform, see our Case Studies.

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