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Posted by Catie Bull on January 09, 2016


colorful lightbulbsHow-Tos and Thought Leadership Highlights from the Intrepid team in 2015

Short Form Content

We were delighted, though of course not surprised, to hear that the article Bite Size Learning Turns Less Into Morewas one of Training Industry magazine’s Top 10 most read articles of 2015. It was after all written by our Director of Learning Experience Design, the inestimable Manjit Sekhon, and chock-full of insight into the opportunities and challenges of short-form content. 

You can read the full article here.

Short-form is the best way to leverage the advantages of online learning and empower the busy modern employee. For more on this crucial instructional design topic, check out our April blog post Three Tips for Content Curation in Blended Learning by the dynamic Learning Experience Design duo of Manjit Sekhon and Nicole Bunselmeyer.

Fresh Learning: Modern Learning Trends & Strategies 2014 Survey Results is another smorgasboard of tips based on how organizations today are meeting learning-related challenges with combinations of multi-media, short-form content, pull learning, and more.


Hilary Albert of Microsoft and Manjit Sekhon co-wrote Seven Cs Ensure Learner Engagement in Corporate MOOCs" for Learning Solutions Magazine, explaining how the Intrepid-Microsoft team approached the design of Microsoft’s sales enablement corporate MOOC series that has had phenomenal and sustained results—and tips for how to put those same approaches into practice for your own programs.

Drive Employee Engagement with Digital Recognition by Peter Janzow, Senior Business Development Manager for Acclaim, details the value of verified digital badges in boosting employee engagement, and offers tips for implementing them for best results.

In Meeting the Five Moments of Need Principal Consultant and learner-first maven Judy Albers explains the different stages of need in a learner’s journey, and how different aspects of online learning can be used to meet each one and engage learners by giving them what they need when they need it.

Corporate MOOCs

Hut Hut MOOC! is a  handy way to ascertain if your program is ripe for a corporate MOOC approach. And if so, the accompanying Business Transformation MOOC playbook will help you lay the groundwork for a high-impact MOOC strategy.

For more on the story of Microsoft’s corporate MOOC approach, we also recommend this case study from the eLearning Guild.

Leadership Development

Modern learning technology is allowing progressive organizations to improve, expand, and scale their in-person leadership development. Intrepid’s VP of Marketing & Alliances, and corporate MOOC pioneer, Sanjay Advani, explores the various ways different types of technology can surround, sustain and scale existing leadership development programs in "Using Technology to Amplify Leadership Development", published just last month in Training Industry magazine.

Happy reading!

And for even more learning experience design and corporate learning insights, peruse our full Learning Library.


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