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A Great Place to Start your Corporate MOOC Endeavor

There is a lot of interest in corporate MOOCs (or whatever you want to call them) -- tailored, collaborative, cohort-driven learning at scale. But the first stumbling block can sometimes be just knowing where to start.

In the webinar, "5 Lessons from Microsoft's Leading-Edge Corporate MOOCs," about 45% of the recipients answered, "No, but would like to" when asked if their organizations are already using corporate MOOCs.

To get started, check out the Business MOOC Transformation Playbook and get your wheels turning about what business challenges might best be tackled by a cohort-driven tailored learning, or which existing programs might be most MOOC-able. See below for a handy flowchart. It goes into detail about both MOOCs in partnership with business schools, and those utilizing internal resources.

Is it a good fit for a MOOC infographic

The playbook will get you started, and the webinar will show you all the amazing and deep business transformations to which your MOOC endeavor just might lead your organization.



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