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Essential Elements to Build an Online Community: New Intrepid Training Industry article

Intrepid's Elizabeth Pearce has written a great call to action for those looking to create online community in their learning experiences. Check out "3 Essential Elements to Build an Online Community" on the Training Industry blog.

The article begins:

Most of us want active communities in our training programs. We know the power of participation in developing skills and changing behavior. Passive training programs are not just boring; they’re ineffective. For people to learn, they need to do, create, ask, discover, share, get feedback and try again.


When we turn to technology-based training, we can make the mistake of thinking the technology itself will somehow create community. But just because we type questions into a widget capable of handling learner exchanges doesn’t mean rich conversation will follow.


Imagine you’re throwing a party. You invite an interesting, eclectic group of people. You gather your favorite magazines and curate your DVR. Your guests arrive, you display your collections … and you leave. How long do you think they’ll stay? What conversations will result? And how will they respond to your next invitation? If you wouldn’t use this approach in your home, you might not want to use it online, either.


No matter where or how we gather, lively communities require three elements: [...]

Read the rest of the article to find out what she means by those three key elements.





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