Driving Real Learner Engagement in a Corporate MOOC

Posted by Catie Bull on March 06, 2015

Driving real learner engagement in a corporate MOOC

What explains the difference between a typical off-the-shelf MOOC completion rate of around 5% and the robust 85% completion we recently saw in our first of four corporate MOOCs for Microsoft sellers? The seven "C"s!

In their Learning Solutions Magazine article "Seven 'C's Ensure Learner Engagement in a Corporate MOOC", Intrepid's director of learning experience design, Manjit Sekhon, and Microsoft's Hilary Albert explain how the course design and elements motivated such exciting engagement from Microsoft sales people, a notoriously busy and tough-to-impress audience.

One-way, inflexible, broadcast-style training fails to work, to the extent that it doesn’t respect the modern learner’s time, intelligence, workload, and competing life and work demands. So how do you make completing the training worth a busy learner’s while? We believe the answer is by using these seven basic best practices for learner engagement [...]

Check out the article for an insightful explanation of these seven "C"s and tips for putting them into practice.

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