Dispatches from Recent Learning Events

Posted by Intrepid Learning on May 03, 2018

Dispatches from Recent Learning Events

Dispatches from Recent Learning Events

We’ve had our ear to the ground at several learning events in recent weeks, CLO Breakfasts and the like, and have heard some strong themes emerge out of conversations from learning leaders:

Shared Challenges

  • The frantic pace of digital disruption/transformation is hard to keep up with
  • On-the-job application is definitely needed more than eye-rolling fictitious scenario-based learning
  • The importance of marcoms to learners so they understand “What’s in it for me, why should I care?”
  • eLearning is outdated, with the inability to update quickly at odds with the pace of new information
  • If you cannot imagine living in your learners’ shoes, your learning program will likely fail
  • Ensuring that learning is solving a business problem
     vs. being ‘order takers’ producing training that will not move the needle for the business
  • Encouraging top-down involvement in learning programs

Change Drivers

  • Acceleration of information, technology
  • Applying brain science and neuroscience best practices to learning situations
  • Need to have a way to collect insights about what is important to learners, what’s having impact–and have a way to communicate that back to leaders
  • L&D needs to position impact within the business in order to get funding, buy-in — speaking in business terms not learning terms
  • L&D’s role is shifting to that of a consultant to the business

In short, adaptation and agile, nimble reactions are needed to meet the change drivers and challenges of today’s learning organization.

If you’re a learning leader who’s been nodding in agreement and recognition while reading the list above, we hope you’ll join us at booth #2535 and at our various speaking presentations at ATD, and also register today for the mini-MOOC we’re hosting in June, “Build Your Digital Learning Blueprint.”

You should also check out Manjit Sekhon’s new article “5 Steps For Keeping Your Stakeholders Happy” in Learning Solutions Magazine.

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