Cracking the Successful Corporate MOOC

Posted by Intrepid Learning on March 22, 2015

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A successful corporate MOOC is possible — the high dropout rates that have plagued off-the-shelf MOOCs can be overcome to phenomenal results for learners and for organizations. We love to talk about it, and so do our clients. Ludo Fourrage, Head of Virtual Learning at Microsoft, details, in his Training Magazine article "Cracking the Successful Corporate MOOC", the business challenge Microsoft's Readiness Group was facing in the spring of 2014.

In the article Fourrage describes how Microsoft came to choose Intrepid Learning and the MOOC model for their global sales training, the challenges and opportunities involved in launching the pilot course, "Business Acumen and Financial Strategy", and just how much the results of that first course of their new training program impressed them.

Just a few months ago in December 2014, more than 850 Microsoft sellers graduated from an eight-week customized online course. The course shared many similarities with corporate MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), except its unusual results: an 85 percent completion rate, 95 percent satisfaction, and a level of learner engagement and commitment that exceeded our greatest expectations [...]

We're excited about sharing this success story with all of you, and so is our client. Members of the Intrepid and Microsoft teams involved in architecting this innovative, impactful training will also be presenting in the coming months at the following events:

Future of Learning & Working
March 23-25 | Los Angeles, California

Learning Solutions 2015
March 25-27 | Orlando, Florida

ATD ICE (International Conference & Exposition)
May 17-20 | Orlando, Florida

For more details, please visit our Events page, and you can read the full "Cracking the Successful Corporate MOOC" article here.

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