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Reduced Time off the Job for Worldwide PLM Software Rollout

Blended approach reduced costs and logistical complexity

An aerospace manufacturing organization faced a big challenge: Rolling out a new PLM system enterprise-wide, with training required for 70+ roles. An ILT approach would have taken too long, cost too much, and taken employees off the job for too many days.

The Challenge

  • Required enterprise PLM software rollout and change management strategy to drive efficiency and throughput across the organization
  • Training required for 70+ roles worldwide. Some roles required to take multiple courses
  • Initial approach: 18-month rollout with 50+ ILT events tailored for unique roles, at massive time, expense, and opportunity cost


The Solution

  • Blended online & classroom approach of 34 courses delivered to 8,000 learners in 4 countries and 2 languages
  • Self-paced online learning in guided by a “Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me” format
  • Same sites used for ongoing performance support
    • Applied PLM practice through real-world assignments


  • Positive learner and management reaction to the learning experience
  • Learners are using the site for just-in-time performance support after completing required course(s)
  • Blended approach reduced costs and logistical complexity, and reduced learner time off the job

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