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Power of High-Potential Leadership Development Program Boosted

Continuous learning journey

This global manufacturing conglomerate created an exciting continuous learning journey to boost the power of its high-potential leadership development program. The new approach has added momentum, engagement, and powerful ongoing peer-to-peer interaction throughout the two-year cycle in between in-person events.

The Challenge

  • Global manufacturing conglomerate (consumer and industrial) with complex supply chain operations and a continual need to develop internal leaders
  • Longitudinal 2-year program to develop high-potential entry-level talent (new to both company and industry) traditionally consisted of in-person events (three 8-month rotations), all ILT
  • Program was popular and successful, but momentum was tough to sustain, and the approach needed to be strengthened

The Solution

  • Online learning threading connection points and reinforcement throughout the 2 years in between in-person events
  • New hires begin program on day one, literally—they get login info for the online learning along with instructions for setting up their email
  • Online programs 9-12 weeks long, with discussion forums and information available any time after course delivery
  • Learners spend average of 1-3 hours online per week
  • Moderators curate most interesting discussion forum responses into a weekly Highlights panel, making site feel ‘high-touch’ without burdensome administrative overhead
  • Example applied learning Mission: watch one of several videos from C-suite leaders, choose someone in your department to interview, and post a field report sharing insights with peers

The Results

“We have been so happy with the design and performance of Intrepid. 
The discussion forums have been the most powerful aspect, and I love the simplicity and openness of the format—our high-potential leaders are able to have great conversations amongst themselves easily. When I last looked at the current cohort there were over 100 separate discussion threads going! And the whole platform looks great visually. It’s so simple to use but so powerful for our learners, offering them a dynamic experience that really increases the impact of our program.

From the administrative side, Intrepid Learn gave me everything I needed. It’s easy to navigate and to curate content, which lets us keep the digital learning fresh, pertinent, and practical without undue burden for my team.

The analytics the platform offers, the ability to see what learners are doing and their feedback, is much better than any of the other technologies we vetted, and we love the insights we are able to get. “

– Global Program Manager

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