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Health Insurance Call Center Onboarding Increases Business Productivity

The Challenge

  • Previous approach:
    • Large, globally distributed health insurance call center operations
    • Rigorous, 18-week role-based training
    • 100% in-person training model
    • Large team of facilitators required to travel constantly to operations locations

The Solution

  • Blended model which enables new hires to learn at their own pace and connect regularly with facilitators for VILT events
  • Includes both general and role-specific training
  • Leverages the Intrepid platform for cohesive and intuitive learning experience
  • “Multi-site” capability of Intrepid platform makes administering hundreds of courses and start dates easy

The Results

  • Consistent engagement and excitement from new hires (well over 10,000 onboarded in first 2 years alone)
  • 15% reduction in onboarding cycle time, equating to several million dollars in annual savings
  • Increased instructor productivity — reduced teaching time and over-time for admin, as well as increased course preparation and development time
  • Increased training availability—onboarding now available worldwide regardless of new hire numbers or geographic location
  • Accelerated adoption across multiple roles

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