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Firm Captures Intrinsic Legacy Knowledge

Validating learning through discussions and missions

The Challenge

  • Knowledge transfer gap, with tenured partners reporting newly- appointed partners had potential, but lacked client engagement skills
  • Tacit expertise at the senior partner level that needed to be captured
  • Senior partners skeptical of online learning
  • Highly competitive workplace

The Solution

  • 14-week online program for new partners with both face-to-face and online coaching from tenured partner mentors
  • Content structured around 6 key milestones of client engagement
  • Applied learning assignments to create real work products for actual critical client prospects
  • “Coaching pods” with online cohort and mentor review of Missions, and shared insights and takeaways across all cohorts

The Results

  • Terrific response from all participants, especially about the value of generating new insights and validating learning through discussions and Missions
  • High participation rates from senior partners
  • Learners report they are able to get the information they need to succeed in the manner they need it
  • Both tenured partners and new managers feel the program is so valuable it should be rolled out to the firm more broadly
  • So much buzz around the coach/mentor role by senior partners that the expected 4:1 mentoring ratio dropped to 2:1

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