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Imagine a World Without Training Binders

It used to be that retail employees, franchises, and front-line operators had only one option for getting their training: on paper. Paper in three-ring binders. Dusty, barely-touched binders.

There’s a problem with that first sentence I just said though – it’s not a historical problem, it’s an ongoing one. Many types of businesses, from restaurant chains to healthcare facilities to automotive dealerships, are still using binders and paper updates to keep their employees up-to-speed on procedures, regulations, operations, and changes.

I was at the Training Industry Conference & Expo recently (TICE) and talked to a chain restaurant trainer whose only option for delivering the information her front-line staff needs is in binders. 700 page binders. And when there are updates, packets of more paper that get stuck in the back of those binders, if they make it that far into the breakroom.

But imagine a world where all those deskless employees could get the training and refreshers they need on their mobile devices, with the content secured! Imagine a world where the information in those dusty never-used binders actually made it into the hands, and brains, of employees! Imagine a world where learning happens, for real, during both the first few days of onboarding and then later when it’s on-the-job critical at the point-of-need!

Picture a front-line restaurant employee who has a question about a procedure on the cash register. Instead of remaining confused or searching hopelessly through stacks of paper, they pull out the franchise’s back-room tablet and look up just what they need, just in time.

Picture an insurance assessor who has a question about an unusual type of damage and can take out her phone and look up the guidelines at the touch of a finger.

These scenarios take learning to the next level, by providing employees with critical information at their point of need. Going beyond traditional in-person training programs or courses done on a compute. You can reach these employees on-the-job, creating a stronger, more-educated workforce.  In fact, 57% of employees expect learning to be on a more as needed basis (based on CEB research).

It’s not a world you have to use your imagination for – the tools are ready for you to take your first steps into the digital learning world. And converting to it is easier than you think – you can use content (like pdfs) you already have and securely deliver them anytime anywhere. Or, you can create new and more interactive content within platforms and deliver that securely anytime anywhere.

What this means is that you can start imagining a world of learning while doing resulting in better customer service, faster time to competency, faster reaction times, lower error rates, and more.



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