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Behavior Change Metrics: How to Set Up Your Programs to Measure Them

A company recently migrated to LinkedIn Learning, and sent out an email to associates proclaiming that the three employees who did the most hours of training in the next month would be recognized by the learning & development department.

This is a dubious metric, the number of hours consumed. Rewarding people for logging lots of hours in training leads to more questions than answers, for instance: 

  • Why did they have so many available hours in their workday?
  • What did they actually learn?
  • How does the company benefit from their particular time investment?

What if instead, the email to associates had said that after completing 1 or 2 classes and applying what you learned on the job, you could email your manager with a quick write-up of how that training improved your performance. The L&D department would then recognize the top three most compelling stories, not just the gross number of hours of training consumed. Sounds like a better business metric, doesn’t it?

In her recent Training Industry webinar, “Behavior Change Metrics: Planning Your Online Learning Program to Measure Them,” Intrepid’s Manjit Sekhon delved into examples like this and more of how to rethink learning metrics that relate to business impact.

We hope you watch the recording and download the slides, then feel inspired to shift your mindset about how to design your online learning programs to measure something different than you have in the past. And have impactful fun while doing so!





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