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Posted by Catie Bull on October 06, 2016

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Intrepid-Delivered Program Dovetails The What, The Why, and The How for Global Company's Strategic Transformation

It’s one thing to launch a bold strategic plan. But it’s another thing entirely to deliver that bold strategic plan to every professional in your company so that they not only understand it, but know how to execute it in their everyday jobs and feel empowered and excited to do so.

Intrepid was honored to receive two Gold CLO Awards last week for our work with a global consumer goods manufacturing client on their leadership development cascade which is doing just that. The Gold awards were for Technology Innovation and Excellence in Blended Learning. The same program also won a Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning award last month for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Management Transformation.

The program needed to disseminate a powerful movement via online learning that would not only scale globally, but also:

  • be highly engaging
  • foster insights
  • encourage learners to challenge each other
  • have a clear progression of milestones
  • enable both individual learning and team work
  • reinforce concepts through real-world applied learning
  • motivate learners all the way through the process
  • be not just about leadership, but about leadership at this company
  • cross all geographic boundaries

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about the ideas, or the content, it’s about what your people are going to do with it. That was the learning & performance team’s ultimate goal: the learning as the means to an end, not the end in itself.

And their employees have had a great reaction to the experience, rating this program’s delivery and effectiveness well above benchmark for both user interaction/involvement (4.84 of 5), and overall effectiveness of the learning approach via the Intrepid platform (4.81 of 5).

Drivers of the program’s impact and very high ratings:

  • The robust learning experience that combined content from a top-tier business school with company-specific materials and messaging so the “what” dovetailed with both the “how” and the all-important “why."
    • Learners report the platform activities made the content come alive – they were no longer just passive receivers, but were challenged with applying this world-class content.
  • Great dialogue and discussion fostered across the functions and segments through the online discussion forums.
    • Individuals had the opportunity to engage with other mid-level managers in meaningful ways – all focused on how to disseminate the business strategy’s key principles
    • Company executives would respond to discussion posts, generating even greater insights through further back and forth.
  • Each module’s “mission” challenged learners to apply new learning to their departments.
    • Learners commented on the value of reading the field reports of other managers and applying that knowledge to their teams.

A sampling of learner feedback:

  • "I am a face to face person...but got everything I needed this time."
  • “Love the opportunities for interaction...really engaging!! Thank you."
  • “Very well done, best training I have ever participated in. Every aspect of it was relevant to what we need to be doing everyday."
  • “I have already gained insight into the drivers of the business and I am looking forward to the next module. I can see where this learning will help my decision making process in the future.”

For the 800 learners who have completed the training to date the company is already seeing feedback and improvement that indicates great payoffs from this Intrepid-delivered program.

VP of Learning & Performance:

“I knew from the moment I saw a demo of the Intrepid platform that this approach to learning is exactly what I was looking for, and that it supported my vision for engaging, collaborative learning. Intrepid’s online platform surpassed my expectations and provided robust engagement, easy administration, and most of all real business impact. The [leadership development] cascade on Intrepid’s platform continues to show real value for our investment, and our learners’ investment of their time.”

Intrepid is honored to be recognized again by both CLO and Brandon Hall for helping clients such as this company, Microsoft, and others create powerful learning programs tackling tough business challenges including leadership development, sales enablement, onboarding, and certification.

You can read a detailed case study of this exciting program here, and check out our full Case Studies library too.

And for more on Intrepid’s point of view on tech-enabled leadership development and how best to deliver effective programs modern corporate learners, please see Sanjay's article "Using Technology to Amplify Leadership Development" and our new Modern Learner page.


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