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Business Impact Data Made Easier

Posted by Elizabeth Pearce on September 20, 2018

Earlier this year, we ran the Digital Learning Blueprint MOOC to help learning leaders develop their plan for incorporating today’s digital options into their learning ecosystem. As you would expect, measuring the effectiveness of digital learning was a hot topic. The program included sage advice about business metrics from client- and partner-guest speakers and from participants sharing their data experiences and questions.

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Love, Money and Glory: Upping your Game

Posted by Elizabeth Pearce on June 05, 2017

When most of us in L&D talk about gamifying our programs, we mean adding some element of playful competition as an incentive to get learners to do something we want (like complete a training class). We dangle points and badges like dog cookies, hoping learners will respond with wagging obedience.

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The Case for Ruthless Relevance

Posted by Elizabeth Pearce on January 30, 2017

[Note: This is one of a series of blog posts diving deeper into each of the 10 Articles in Intrepid's Declaration of Modern Learner Rights.]

Ruthless Relevance: the Core of our Job as Learning Experience Designers

In my daydreams about a better corporate world, I overhear workplace comments like these:

I just learned the most useful thing in training! Can we set aside time at the next team meeting for me to share it?

You know that issue we’ve been struggling with? In training yesterday, I think I found a way to handle it.

There’s an easier way to do what you’re doing. If you go to that site we used in training last month, you’ll find templates and examples.

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