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Different Problems, Different Technologies: A Training Provider’s Quick Guide to Go-to-Market Technology

Posted by Ann Roesener on October 19, 2018

With over 90 billion dollars spent on corporate training in 2017, the array of options—especially for learning technologies—is astounding and befuddling. For training providers thinking about going digital, figuring out which technologies to review and which to ultimately select is time-consuming. Plus, the whole process often leaves the buyer more confused than ever.

That’s why we’ve created this quick go-to-market technologies guide to help you sort through the morass and get to the right solution for your training company quickly.

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Is it possible for a training company to be “platform agnostic?”

Posted by Ann Roesener on October 03, 2018


A lot of training providers talk about being “platform agnostic” when it comes to digital learning. This decision makes a number of assumptions worthy of examination:

Assumption One: Content stands on its own

Assumption Two: Form doesn’t really impact function

Assumption Three: Corporate clients should drive the way they consume content

Assumption Four: Learners will naturally reach out for content

Assumption Five: Face-to-face is the gold standard and digitization is nothing better than a necessary evil 

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8 Tips for Going Digital in 2018

Posted by Ann Roesener on April 09, 2018

I just got back from a conference where the training industry’s luminaries were in attendance.  I literally sat at the feet of Beverly Kaye, founder of the corporate career development movement, and I sat by leaders who worked in companies with gurus like Ken Blanchard, David Rock and Joe Folkman.  These greats, and others like them came up with great models and they disrupted, and are disrupting, the management scene.  And business has been made better for it.

But now it’s the training industry being significantly disrupted. 

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